INTRO art centre was open during 2003-2007, and the program was run for 5 years in Vilnius, Lithuania. The project was realised in cooperation with Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania. NGO Students Art Centre executed the project. Consisting of several art spaces, performance stage and discussion area, INTRO became open platform for cultural initiatives. Non-institutionalized art space was open for artist-run strategies. English text.

Nowadays, INTRO continues running art projects. We work with several artists and curate exhibitions in different venues. Artist-run strategies, contemporary art and interdisciplinary approaches, media art projects' development are our recent activities. Though the physical Intro art centre is closed, the artistic activities are kept going - you are welcome to contact us regarding our artists and their projects.

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curator artist Vygandas Vegas Simbelis
Art Value
NFT arts
artist Das Vegas
Contemporary art research